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Carbonite's offering is broken down into Pro and Server packages, in addition to an Appliance setup but more on that in a moment. The Pro package is designed for end-user backup and there is no limit on the number of users or devices. Instead, plans (both Pro and Server) are limited by a total storage volume.

Encryption is enforced through a Carbonite set key or optional private key, while a browser-based Admin Dashboard provides for account and user management as well as monitoring the status of device backups across the organisation. In the event of requiring an urgent backup, Carbonite provides a courier recovery service to ship a hard drive to you at cost.

File versioning is supported (up to three months) and unlike some other services we've looked at here, file sync and share capability is included in the Pro packages (provided as a separate client download).

Carbonite tries to keep things simple by providing unlimited devices and pricing only by storage space. The Pro plans start at $270 per year for the Basic package that includes 250GB upgrading to the Prime plan for 500GB at $600. The Server plans similarly start at $800 for Basic and 250GB of storage which can be upgraded to $900 a year for 500GB. There's a third tier which crosses both categories called the Server Pro bundle which is everything and the kitchen sink for $1000 a year. Extra storage can be purchased in 100GB blocks.

Alternatively, Carbonite also offers an appliance solution that consists of an on-site server that provides local backup storage for speed extending to data stored in Carbonite's cloud. This is $1200 a year and requires working with a third party to provide the hardware (and all are based in the US).

Carbonite's software supports Windows and MacOS X for desktop and server, and apps are available for iOS and Android accessing and sharing files.

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