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Mozy is another well-known vendor with a range of packages for home and enterprise use. The two core packages on offer for business are Mozy Pro and Mozy Enterprise, which are identical in the level of services they provide for backup and restore but the Enterprise package comes with greater granularity for control -- such as setting up sub-administrators from within company groups, or the option for a company-wide shared private encryption key.

Additionally, for all of Mozy's plans, local storage can be integrated (note this can be sans server) as an intermediate step for faster backup and retrieval with its '2xProtect' service—essentially using local storage as a buffer to the cloud.

Similarly available with all plans is Mozy's file and sync service, allowing employees access to files on multiple devices. File versioning is supported as well, though at a limit of two months for Mozy Pro and three months for Mozy Enterprise.

Initial backups and emergency restores can be accelerated by sending or receiving hard drives with Mozy's Data Shuttle option. Even though all data is saved encrypted, the Data Shuttle feature encrypts all data with a second key which is then sent separate from the hard drives via SSL.
When it comes to restoring data, a recovery can be initiated via the client program or via Mozy's web portal, which is also where the administration console is based for managing users, setting backup and access policy, and monitoring the status of your company's data stored in the cloud. Security wise both company-wide and personal encryption keys per user are supported, while in terms of platform support all of Windows, MacOS and Linux have local clients as well as apps iOS and Android.

Pricing is starts as low as $10 a month for 10GB of storage with unlimited devices (implied desktops, laptops etc.) scaling to 1TB at $380 a month. Rather than split server backups into a separate plan, you can optionally add the 'Server Pass' to any billing plan, which adds a small overhead (for a 100GB monthly plan, adding the Server Pass adds $12/month to the cost), to take advantage of Mozy's server-centric features.

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