Secure cloud backup : Review


Backblaze has made a name for itself in cloud backup, with its custom-built StoragePod rack servers and being one of the first vendors to offer to FedEx you a hard drive of your data in the event of a failure where time is of the essence (and bandwidth a scarcity).

Backblaze makes it easy to choose what data to backup by providing unlimited storage space, file size, and bandwidth to its servers—meaning, just backup anything and everything (and the desktop client can do this for you).

In terms of security data—as with all of the products we'll cover here—data is encrypted before uploading, transfers with an encrypted connection, and remains encrypted at rest. This can be done with a generated key that Backblaze stores in the event you forget (or otherwise lose) the key, or via a private encryption key: the ultimate, as no one—not Backblaze or questionable governments departments wielding signed papers—will be able to read or recover that data. Indeed, if you lose the key, then it's gone for good.

To streamline enterprise backup and security, Backblaze provides the ability for IT to access data on employee backups by encrypting multiple copies of a company-wide encryption key with a password (one for employee, one for IT, for example). Other enterprise features include a geo-location 'locate computer' option in the event a mobile device like a laptop is lost or stolen, which can even monitor which files are being copied off in the event of a theft; an administration interface for easy user and device management along with scheduling; and a mobile client for iOS and Android to provide access to view, download or share files stored on the Backblaze cloud.

Pricing is simple for business at $50 per PC (Windows or Mac) per year, which includes no limit on the size of backups as well as providing backup for data from any attached devices (external USB hard drive, for example) an employee may use.

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