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Cloudberry's solution sets itself apart in the sense that it provides the platform to setup secure cloud backup within your organisation, but does so by leveraging whatever storage services you have at your disposal—these can include local storage, networked storage, remote FTP servers, and cloud storage through providers including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, Rackspace, and even Google Drive.

Depending on your cloud service provider you can download a set of Cloudberry programs to work with it. These include Explorer, which acts as a file manager interfacing to the cloud storage platform; Backup, to backup and restore data to the cloud provider in encrypted form; and Drive which allows users to map the cloud provider's storage as a local drive on the system.

While not offering as comprehensive a feature set as some of the other products we look at here, Cloudberry does break down secure cloud backup into its basic components and allows you to modularise what you need, right down to giving the flexibility of what cloud storage provider you want to use (or none at all, if you manage your own local or remote servers).
Each program is sold separately for a one-off license per computer. Drive is $30 per machine, Explorer is free unless you want to advantage of compression and encryption, in which case the Pro version is $40, and the core product Backup starts at $30 for the Desktop level and scale to the fully-featured Enterprise at $300. This version supports servers, bare metal backup and restore, and no storage limit—but keep in mind you may have a limit with your storage provider. Indeed, you also need to factor in the cost of your chosen cloud storage service as well.

A newer product, called Cloudberry Box, allows you to also synchronise data across remote computers with your cloud storage service being the only intermediary. Think of this as file syncing where you can ensure total control, with no third-parties (beyond encrypted storage) involved in synchronisation transactions between machines.

All up Cloudberry's products provide a more do-it-yourself option for secure cloud storage, and one where you have full control over the pipeline. The only downside is the products are Windows only, no MacOS X or Linux support, and no iOS or Android apps either.

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