Secure web services

If there's one thing the Snowden leaks have shown us, it's that security and privacy are largely an illusion.

  • WhiteHat’s Aviator combines excellent features with the popular Disconnect plugin.

  • A genuinely innovative cross-platform browser, Dooble is a great alternative to Chrome or Firegox.

  • Comodo’s Dragon is a polished Chrome alternative with all the bells and whistles.

  • One of the more popular secure search alternatives.

  • Sporting its own proxy service and ad-blocker, Epic aims to secure you from privacy breaches.

  • The Firefox equivalent of Dragon sports a ‘virtual browser’ mode unique to this edition.

  • Fully-featured search without the user tracking.

  • Only text searching, but optionally supports TOR.

  • SRWare’s Iron is close enough to the Chromium base that you might as well just use Chromium.

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