IDG Security Day: Sydney infosec leaders

​Welcome to 2017 IDG Security Day. This was one of nine event running on the 21st June right across the world.

  • Welcome to 2017 IDG Security Day. This is one of nine events running today right across the world. And, because of the magic of time differences and the international date line we are the first IDG Security Day event running. As it's the sumer solstice in the Northern hemisphere, it's also the longest day so it makes sense to fill it with as much infosec goodness as we possibly can. As well as Sydney right now, there are IDG Security Day events running in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Paris, Stockholm, and Washington, DC making this a truly global event. That also means that after you get home from here later today, you can tune in to the events in the other eight cities and hear from experts from across the globe. Our three partners today are Mimecast, Sophos and Dark Trace.

  • Sydney we are up and ready for you

  • Full room thankyou Sydney siders for making our 1st IDGSecurity Day leg a huge success.

  • First keynote speaker of the day, Garrett O’Hara, Senior Technical Consultant, Mimecast. Talking on Cyber Resilience That Starts with Email

  • A very captivated room

  • Garrett O’Hara, Senior Technical Consultant, Mimecast.

  • Craig Davies. Many of you will know Craig as the former CISO of Atlassian and, before that Cochlear. But he's now the CEO of the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network. He has worked acorss a number of differnet industry sectors but today he's going to talk to us about How the Government's Innovation Strategy Focus will Support the Growth of Cyber in Australia and How we can Play Like the Big Boys

  • Security Waves , what we like to call speed dating for infosec professionals. But unlike Tinder, no one will swipe left to remove you from the table.

  • David Sykes, Sophos discussing The Human Aspects of Cyber SecuritySecurity

  • Duncan Alderson, PwC - On Awareness Training

  • Diego del Hoyo captivating his discussion on Managing Third Party Risk

  • Sharmila Packiaraja - Managing the IT / Security Realtionship

  • Stephen Kraemer, the Head of Information Security from the Ports of Auckland up to the stage. The Port of Ackland is New Zealand’s busiest shipping port located in Auckland. He has 25 years of experience in technology and leadership include assignments with Oracle USA and Australia, the US State Department and tours on the Antarctic continent. He holds a MS in Computer Information Systems from Regis University, Denver, and a BA, in Philosophy from St. Thomas University, Houston.

  • Stephen Kraemer discussing Social Engineering & User Awareness Initiatives

  • Duncan Alderson, the Senior Manager for Cyber & Forensics at PwC Australia on stage. Hunting for Hackers - Why Preventive Measures are Only Part of the Cyber Solution

  • Publisher's Panel - Using AI for next-generation Cyber Security Mark Beaumont, Country Manager Australia, Darktrace Jonathan Chang, mD, Silverpond Stephen Kraemer, Head of Information Security, Ports of Auckland Ty Miller, Director, Threat Intelligence Discussing using AI for next generation cyber security.

  • Jonathan Chang, MD, Silverpond

  • Ty Miller, Director, Threat Intelligence

  • A live hacking demonstration exploring the security concerns that organisations are facing today. Ty will demonstrate and exploit on web application vulnerabilities, simulate a phishing attack and capture passwords. Ty Miller is the Director of Threat Intelligence. I think Ty is to infosec in Australia about as close as we can get to a rock star.

  • Tools of the Trade: A Live Hacking Demonstration

  • Winner Winner Chicken dinners - Lucky door prizes

  • Bart Dekker takes out the Mimecastr Star Wars prize

  • Sanat pal takes out the CSO Social prize

  • We've had a chance to cover everything from securing email, to government policy to AI and live hacking. We've heard from experts who are recognised globally for their expertise and contribution to making our homes and businesses safer. I'm sure the people watching this around the world will be thinking the Aussies and Kiwis have set the bar very high for their events. This has been a great day and one that i think raises the standard for local security events

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