Stories by Bill Brenner

5 Must-Do Cyber Security Steps for Obama

As President-Elect Obama focuses on two wars and a hemorrhaging economy, security experts are urging him to address five weak security links in America's cyber infrastructure that threaten the nation's defenses and financial institutions.

Bill Brenner | 04 Dec | Read more

Chris Hoff on Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Chris Hoff, chief security architect for the systems and technology division at Unisys and an advisor on the Skybox Security customer advisory board, is one of the biggest critics of virtualization security out there. Not because it isn't important - but rather because it is vital and needs to mature rapidly.

Bill Brenner | 20 Nov | Read more

How IT Helped Catch the Jewellery Thief

A jewellery store chain is having much better luck catching burglars in real time, thanks to a little help from the IT side of the house. Loss Prevention Manager Dennis Thomas explains how the company built its high-tech command center from scratch.

Bill Brenner | 13 Nov | Read more

PCI's Post-Audit Pain Points

Passed your first PCI compliance audit? You've only just begun! Veterans say ongoing challenges with log management, database encryption and upper management buy-in mean the task is never finished.

Bill Brenner | 06 Nov | Read more

Five mistakes security pros would make again

Ten years ago, Michael Riva was network administrator for a top-five American consultancy. Employees were downloading graphic pictures and videos onto the network. Riva told his boss a proxy server with content filtering might be in order; his boss laughed and suggested they put in a bigger file server instead.

Bill Brenner | 30 Sep | Read more