Stories by Bill Brenner

Google FAIL and the Fog Over Cloud Security

Late last year, when I interviewed Google Apps senior security manager Eran Feigenbaum and his marketing partner, Adam Swidler, they talked up Google's place in cloud computing and how it was in a prime position to make a difference with cloud security.

Bill Brenner | 20 May | Read more

USA (and IE) Number 1 for Botnet Mayhem

Research from security vendor Finjan Inc. suggests enterprise IT shops are losing the war against those who would hijack company computers for botnets. Almost half the victims appear to be in the U.S. -- most using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

Bill Brenner | 05 May | Read more

SOA Security: How Irish Luck Went a Long Way

From a security perspective, service oriented architecture (SOA) is a tricky thing. It's not hard for bad guys to compromise it with SQL injection, capture-replay and XML denial-of-service attacks, which they can ultimately use to bust through walls around a company database.

Bill Brenner | 07 May | Read more

Does Social Networking Require User Policy Changes?

IT security administrators have had a fairly easy case to make against such social networking sites as Myspace in the past. Myspace in particular tends to be a place for the mostly personal, and some profiles are simply front companies for online mobsters and malware pushers.

Bill Brenner | 16 Apr | Read more

Five Ways To Survive a Data Breach Investigation

Security experts say it all the time: If a company thinks it has suffered a data security breach, the key to getting at the truth unscathed is to have a response plan in place for what needs to be done and who needs to be in charge of certain tasks. And, as SANS Institute instructor Lenny Zeltser advised in CSOonline's recent How to Respond to an Unexpected IT Security Incident article, "ask lots and lots of questions" before making rash decisions.

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