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Cloud security: time to smoke another one?

Chris Hoff, one of the most respected voices on the topic of virtualization and cloud security, once told me in an interview that people should shut up about securing the cloud because, in his opinion, there's no such thing as cloud security.

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8 dirty secrets of the IT security industry

Joshua Corman would seem an unlikely critic of IT security vendors. After all, he works for one. Yet Corman, principal security strategist for IBM's Internet Security Systems division, is speaking out about what he sees as eight trends undermining the ability of IT security practitioners to mount an effective defense against online outlaws.

Bill Brenner | 18 Aug | Read more

Swine flu: watching for signs of H1N1 havoc

At companies in the North America, Europe and northern Asia, swine flu may be the last thing on the minds of those in charge of security, pandemic planning and disaster preparedness. After all, it's summer and flu season is still months away.

Bill Brenner | 23 Jul | Read more

North Korea: Culprit in DDoS Attacks?

The timing and targets in a recent wave of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks has some security experts pointing the finger at North Korea. After all, the attacks coincided with the rogue state's firing of missiles during the July 4 Independence Day Weekend and the U.S. and South Korea were the countries in the cyber crosshairs.

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5 steps to secure a new PC

A common misconception is that a shiny new computer is more or less secure because it hasn't yet been exposed to the Internet's sinister underbelly. But the truth is, these machines come out of the box needing scores of patches, some basic security software downloads and the disabling or replacing of items security pros don't typically trust.

Bill Brenner | 30 Jun | Read more

Merchants struggle to comply with PCI security in economy

The heads of seven business organizations sent PCI Security Standards Council General Manager Bob Russo a cry for help earlier this month, saying the recession is making it "increasingly difficult" for merchants to meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Bill Brenner | 25 Jun | Read more

Experts only: time to ditch the antivirus?

To the average IT security practitioner, the idea of disabling antivirus on new machines might seem blasphemous. After all, <a href="">weren't we all told in IT Security 101 that everyone needs AV</a> to keep the malware and data thieves at bay?

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How Microsoft Influenced Adobe Security In a Good Way

When I first started writing about information security five years ago, all a writer had to do was mention Microsoft in the same headline space as "security vulnerability" to strike page-view gold. In 2004 Microsoft was a couple years into its Trustworthy Computing Initiative but it remained the software company IT security practitioners hated with glee.

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Swine flu: a wake-up call for emergency planners

The world went into panic mode over Swine Flu when it began spreading like wildfire early last month, first in Mexico, then the United States and beyond. Then it became evident that most cases were mild -- no worse than garden-variety seasonal flu. People moved on in search of something else to worry about.

Bill Brenner | 04 Jun | Read more