Stories by Taylor Armerding

Is it really Zeus vs. Anonymous?

The word from Symantec is that supporters of the world's most famous, if loosely organized, hacker group got hacked themselves. The word from the alleged victim, Anonymous, is a ferocious denial that it ever happened.

Taylor Armerding | 07 Mar | Read more

The 15 worst data security breaches of the 21st Century

Data security breaches happen daily in too many places at once to keep count. But what constitutes a huge breach versus a small one? For some perspective, we take a look at 15 of the biggest incidents in recent memory. Helping us out are security practitioners from a variety of industries, including more than a dozen members of <a href=";mostPopular=&amp;trk=tyah">LinkedIn's Information Security Community</a>, who provided nominations for the list.

Taylor Armerding | 17 Feb | Read more

Shylock financial malware back 'with a vengeance'

Trusteer, a Boston-based in-browser web security vendor, issued a warning this week about the return "with a vengeance" of "Shylock," <a href="">a polymorphic financial malware variant</a> the company discovered last September that is now showing up again in end-user machines.

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CI pinpoints 200 millionth piece of cloud-based malware

The good news is that Collective Intelligence (CI), the engine for Internet security created in 2006 by <a href="">Panda Security's malware research laboratory</a>, recently processed its 200 millionth malware file via the cloud. That's also the bad news.

Taylor Armerding | 12 Nov | Read more