Stories by Taylor Armerding

UK hacker accessed accounts for 20 months before bust

The reassuring news in the UK this past week was that Edward Pearson, a 23-year-old hacker from York, was jailed for 26 months after stealing the personal information of bank card, credit card and PayPal customers. Also a relief to those customers was that Pearson was caught after making only $3,800 in fraudulent transactions.

Taylor Armerding | 05 Apr | Read more

Operation Global Blackout: Real danger or irrelevant?

Will the hacker group Anonymous make good on its threat to take down the Internet Saturday? Probably not. But it could slow it down, according to a number of security experts. And it may depend in part on how unified Anonymous is about the attack -- there are some indications of divisions within the group.

Taylor Armerding | 29 Mar | Read more

Attacks in Android's side-view mirror are smaller than they appear

A growing number of reports and white papers over the past several months -- most from security vendors -- have announced, sometimes in breathless terms, that Google's Android operating system is now the primary target of malware attacks on mobile devices. To which some respondents, such as one going by the alias "fotoflojoe," post sarcastic comments like, "In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue."

Taylor Armerding | 24 Mar | Read more