Stories by Taylor Armerding

Vocal theft on the horizon

Voice imitation technology has the potential to undermine yet another form of biometric authentication. Security experts say the key is to make sure the individual voice information is stored on the user’s device, not in a centralized database.

Taylor Armerding | 16 May | Read more

Dan Geer: Cybersecurity is 'paramount national security risk'

Cybersecurity and the future of humanity “are conjoined now,” according to In-Q-Tel’s Dan Geer. The cybersecurity futurist, in the closing keynote at SOURCE Boston 2017, gave a sobering look at what is likely to come in a world where change and growing interdependence is happening faster than anyone’s ability to manage it

Taylor Armerding | 01 May | Read more

Critical infrastructure: Off the web, out of danger?

For more than a decade there have been warnings that US critical infrastructure is vulnerable to a cyber “Pearl Harbor” attack. Those overseeing the grid say that is close to impossible, since control systems are not connected to the internet. But other experts say the level of risk, while low, is still unacceptable.

Taylor Armerding | 22 Mar | Read more