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  • Preparing for an Attack: 5 Tips for Organisations

    Even the most security diligent organisations are realising that breaches are no longer a question of ‘if’ but a question of ‘when.’ Yet many organisations still do not factor the inevitability of compromises into their overall defense strategy, instead focusing on controls to keep every conceivable type of threat at bay. However, the ability to use controls to close every gap attackers can find and reduce the surface area of attack to zero is fundamentally flawed.

    Chris Wood | 14 Aug | Read more

  • Weaknesses in Password Strength

    Password strength is always being discussed because it is difficult to balance password strength with usability. Typically, resetting passwords is the main reason to call the helpdesk, indicating that passwords are too complex and / or change too frequently. Can we make passwords less complex without compromising security?

    Charles Wale | 07 Sep | Read more

  • UK health walloped for sick security culture

    The UK’s Information Commissioner has ordered the National Health Service to tighten its grip on security, fearing that data protection is a “systemic problem” for its organisations. Five health NHS organisations have signed recent data security undertakings in response to potential privacy breaches this year caused by staff losing patient records, faxing medical reports to the wrong number, and losing laptops.

    Liam Tung | 04 Jul | Read more