Stories by Chris Wood

Making intrusion prevention and malware protection work together to combat modern attacks

There’s a lot of talk in the security industry and among organisations about the threats we face – malware, advanced persistent threats, zero-days, targeted attacks, viruses, Trojans, distributed denial of service attacks, worms, phishing...the list goes on and on. But no matter how you parse it, it all comes down to threats. More specifically, two fundamental types of threats: known and unknown.

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Preparing for an Attack: 5 Tips for Organisations

Even the most security diligent organisations are realising that breaches are no longer a question of ‘if’ but a question of ‘when.’ Yet many organisations still do not factor the inevitability of compromises into their overall defense strategy, instead focusing on controls to keep every conceivable type of threat at bay. However, the ability to use controls to close every gap attackers can find and reduce the surface area of attack to zero is fundamentally flawed.

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Want to Strengthen Defences? Think Like an Attacker

The recent hike in the number and severity of cyber attacks around the world demonstrate that we are squarely in an era referred to as the “industrialisation of hacking” which has created a faster, more effective and more efficient sector profiting from attacks to our IT infrastructure. Driven by the desire for economic or political gain or attention to their cause, hackers are executing more sophisticated and damaging attacks that at the same time are becoming easier to launch with widely available tools.

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The Industrialisation of Hacking

The Industrial Revolution transformed four key aspects of society—innovation, transportation, communication and financial markets—changing the world forever. Although it began more than 200 years ago, there are surprising some parallels between this historically transformative period and IT security. The dynamics of the threat landscape and the increasing complexity of IT environments have given rise to a new era: The ‘Industrialisation of Hacking’.

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