Stories by Kim S. Nash

How integrating physical and information security mitigates risks

Though both are critical, physical and information security remain separate entities at many organizations. However, you can get a better grip on overall risk by integrating the two. Austin Recovery, a drug and alcohol treatment center, successfully took on the integration challenge-- and what it learned can teach corporations valuable lessons.

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How to Be a Better Leader in a Disaster

Linda Goodspeed, vice president of IT at Nissan North America, was attending a global IT meeting at her company's head office in Japan on March 11 and was caught in the magnitude 9.0 earthquake. The quake was among the top seven most powerful ever recorded and the strongest ever to hit the country. "People were diving under desks. Women were crying. We could see fire outside," she says. "Window blinds were moving three feet to the left and to the right. I thought the building would fall apart."

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System security: how to improve your defenses against attack

Gaining attention for advocating a practical shift in how IT leaders think about security, the Consensus Audit Guidelines offer 20 controls to measure and monitor IT-system and network security. Though worries about increased cost often accompany any notion of improving security, John Gilligan, a consultant who developed the guidelines, says he implemented a subset of the controls when he was the Air Force CIO (from 2001 to 2005) and saved money on IT and risk management.

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