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Hider 2: Create a secure digital hidey-hole on your Mac

With all the NSA hooplah this past year, and mounting concerns over user security, it's not surprising that you might want to shield certain of your files from prying eyes. You can use any of a number of overly complicated solutions, including Terminal commands and expensive consultants, but software developer MacPaw wants to make it a bit easier for the average person with Hider 2 (Mac App Store link). Hider 2's normal price is $20, but MacPaw is currently offering the app for an introductory price of $10.

Serenity Caldwell | 03 Apr | Read more

Apple releases iOS updates to fix PDF vulnerabilities

After <a href="">last week's report</a> from the German government regarding PDF-related security vulnerabilities in MobileSafari, Apple has stepped up: The company on Friday released updates for all iOS devices that fix the problem. The updates are recommended for all users of Apple's mobile devices.

Serenity Caldwell | 16 Jul | Read more