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Music Site Joins the Password-Leak Parade

Music site is investigating a security breach involving the leak of some user passwords, the site said Thursday. The admission is the third in two days, following similar news from social networking site LinkedIn and dating site eHarmony on Wednesday.

Ed Oswald | 08 Jun | Read more

U.S. Government Regularly Asks Google for Users' Data

Not only does the U.S. government regularly request users' private data from Google, it does so more often than any other government, the search engine reported Monday. Google announced these details as part of its <a href="">Transparency Report</a>, a bi-annual disclosure of what governments worldwide are asking for.

Ed Oswald | 28 Jun | Read more

Hack Attacks Escalating? Here's a Reality Check

Hack attacks from online thugs such as Anonymous and LulzSec appear to signal a hacker Armageddon. Not only has Sony been relentlessly targeted by hackers this year so has the Central Intelligence Agency, Sega,, the U.K. government, and dozens of other high-profile company and government agency Web sites.

Ed Oswald | 23 Jun | Read more

Has LulzSec gone too far?

They say they're doing it for the "lulz," but there comes a point when it's no longer funny. The latest LulzSec targets are the CIA as well as 62,000 e-mail account holders using web-based services, including Comcast, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Gmail.

Ed Oswald | 17 Jun | Read more

Google Music scams appearing already

Google Music service has only been in existence for a matter of days, and it's already the target of scams and spams. In all cases however, any claims of free music or access to the site is false, Google says.

Ed Oswald | 13 May | Read more