Stories by Jason Clark

Decoding threat intelligence

There is a scene in HBO's adaption of Game of Thrones where a character counsels the king to dismiss the rising power of one of his rivals because "curiosities on the far side of the world" are no threat. A season later, that rival has three dragons and an army under her control.

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11 tips to stop spear-phishing

Most of us have clicked on an email that seemed legitimate, but wasn't. I am embarrassed to say it, but I recently clicked on a malicious link myself, and I should know better considering that I preach to people every day about the importance of protecting your organization against such tactic. But, the phishing email caught me at the wrong time when I was half paying attention to what I was doing, and it enticed me with right authentic looking message.

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Top 8 things CSOs wish they had a solution for

After a challenging day at the office, many CSOs and CISOs spend their harried nights wishing for a better and easier way to accomplish the tough tasks they face at work. I know I have. I've spoken with a lot of my peers this year and thought I'd compile a list of these wishes and pain points--and provide an opportunity for us to share recommendations on how to tackle these tough tasks.

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Securing your Board of Directors' communication portal

Imagine that criminals broke into headquarters and bugged your executive offices for insider information--and then made millions trading on that information. That's what can happen if you jump into a Board Communication Systems too quickly. It has already happened: They silently monitor your Board of Directors communications until they hear insider information that they can use to strike it rich on the stock market.

Jason Clark | 27 Mar | Read more

4 keys for IP protection

Do you think data breaches are up or down in 2011 compared to 2007 or 2008? The official answer may surprise you. According to DatalossDB and the 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report [<a href="">PDF link</a>] by Verizon, the number of records compromised per year has been decreasing since its 2008 peak. But these reports are missing something very important. It all comes down to what is reported. Last year I met with more than 450 CIOs and CSOs, and almost all of them said that incidents are way up. New breaches are constantly making headlines, so why is there a discrepancy between our perception and what these reports are finding?

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