Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to take your data. Are you ready for them?

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Despite images that cybercrime is something perpetrated by a few rogue outsiders, research shows many cybercriminal organisations to be sophisticated multinationals whose mission statement is simple: make money by stealing your data.

Just as in your own company, iterative and agile software development is helping their developers develop, test, and deploy new exploits faster than ever – building on past successes and turning cybersecurity into a form of corporate information warfare.

With new exploits being continuously developed, it has become more important than ever to have the support of a team of cybersecurity researchers who understand how emerging threats will test and potentially breach your defences. Cloud-based security-as-a-service offerings let you rapidly bolster security with defences based on real-time threat intelligence – protecting you from emerging and evolving threats.

By the end of the recording, you will have learned:

  • What do today’s cybercriminal organisations look like and how do they function?
  • How has their agility changed the threats that businesses must deal with?
  • What does an agile security defence look like, and how can cloud-based services help deliver it?
  • What emerging and evolving threats will shape the threat landscape the most in coming years?

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