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  • Facebook worm poses as two blonde women

    Sophos - Naked Security
    If you're a Facebook user be on your guard against the latest worm reportedly spreading on the system.
  • HP LaserJet printers at risk of fiery hacker attack

    Sophos - Naked Security
    Researchers claim to have discovered a security vulnerability in "tens of millions" of HP LaserJet printers that could allow a remote hacker to install malicious firmware.
  • New chapters, new challenges, new growth.

    Clearswift Blog

    With cybercrime now one of the top four economic crimes facing governments and companies globally and a quarter of all economic crime committed in the past year cyber based, the need for greater information security strategy and awareness has never been greater.  

    The UK Government’s recent announcement of strategies and initiatives to safeguard critical infrastructure and systems is a welcome indicator of the shape of things to come, as information security climbs rapidly up the corporate and government agenda. The UK Government's announcement of a pilot programme to bolster co-operation between state and private information security professionals, along with the proposed establishment of a cyber crime unit within the National Crime Agency by 2013 are very welcome developments.

    Today, key industry figures have gathered in London for the Cyber Security Summit . At a time when the online rules of engagement are changing, governments and businesses around the world are looking to meet challenges head-on, it's clear that the information security market is set for significant growth over the coming years. Exciting times lay ahead for the industry and Clearswift is very excited to announce the beginning of a new chapter for us, following our acquisition by mid-market growth investor Lyceum Capital.

    The deal will allow Clearswift to increase our focus on content-aware security solutions as well as broaden our software range, acquire further technical capabilities and develop our geographical reach.

    As part of this new chapter, we welcome highly experienced software entrepreneur and former CEO of IRIS Software, Martin Leuw as our new Chairman. Under Martin's leadership, IRIS grew in value from £30m-£500m in 10 years, transforming it into one of the UK's largest privately-owned technology companies. Martin is joined on our board by Lyceum Partners Jeremy Hand and David Harland.

    Clearswift will be gaining some excpetional experience and knowledge to support the business through the next phase of growth and we're looking forward to a bright future. Our heritage in content inspection and flexible policies, backed up with excellent service, makes us exceptionally well positioned to meet customer needs in a world where social media and web technologies are rapidly transforming the way we all do business.

    Full details are available here

    Richard Turner


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  • HTML5 – The Bad

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    This post is the second of a 3-part series of blog entries on HTML5. You can also check the first part: HTML – The Good. Yesterday, we started the first of a three-part series investigating the new HTML5 standard. We started this by looking at some of the new features which are going to improve [...]

    Post from: TrendLabs | Malware Blog - by Trend Micro

    HTML5 – The Bad

  • 'Journalists hacked UK government' - police investigate evidence

    Sophos - Naked Security
    UK police have warned a former British Cabinet minister that they are investigating evidence that his computer has hacked by private detectives working for Rupert Murdoch's News International organisation and the disgraced "News of the World" newspaper.
  • Merry Christmas, ZeuS

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    This morning, I came across an entertaining Christmas-themed ZeuS Web panel while monitoring online forums. Here’s what it looks like: I investigated the contents of the web panel package, which turned out to be Ghost Panel with a modified skin: As our readers probably recall, the Ghost Panel is an altered version of the last [...]

    Post from: TrendLabs | Malware Blog - by Trend Micro

    Merry Christmas, ZeuS

  • WikiLeaks delays more secure whistleblower system

    Sophos - Naked Security
    WikiLeaks has indefinitely delayed the release of a new system for whistleblowers to remain anonymous while submitting tips, according to reports.
  • Leveson Inquiry hears claims of newspaper computer hacking

    Sophos - Naked Security
    Were newspaper journalists responsible for not just phone hacking.. but computer hacking too?
  • Intuit payroll free trial email launches malware attack

    Sophos - Naked Security
    Have you received an unsolicited email from - what appears to be - Intuit Supplies Group? Be on your guard..

    Malware is being spammed out to internet email users, posing as a message from the payroll software company Intuit.
  • Blog Series Part 4 of 5: 10 Reasons Not to Virtualize

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Part 4 of a 5-part series based on my more than a decade of virtualization experience with large enterprises and service providers, and my time running strategic planning for one of the largest 2 virtualization vendors, this blog series covers 10 types of situations when you should consider not virtualizing some of your applications.   [...]