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  • Beware this online shopping scam: Fake order confirmations

    During the holiday season it's not unusual for both UPS and FedEx to show up at the Bradley household on an almost daily basis. We receive order confirmation and shipping notification emails for each delivery - and that's just what cybercriminals are counting on. It's just one of the many ways they exploit the holiday season to target more victims.

    Tony Bradley | 09 Dec | Read more

  • 3 simple ways two-factor authentication can protect you when no one else will

    It seems like consumer data is compromised in some massive data breach every other week. You should expect the companies you do business with to do everything possible to prevent data breaches and protect your data, but it's unreasonable to believe it will never happen. It's up to you to take additional steps to protect your own data, and minimize the potential fallout from a breach as much as you can. One of the best ways to do that is with two-factor authentication.

    Tony Bradley | 14 Oct | Read more

  • Spot phishing scams and don't take the bait

    Can you recognize a phishing scam email when you see one? Do you know what signs to look for to identify a phishing attack, and avoid becoming a victim? In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, PhishMe has developed an infographic with helpful tips to keep you safe and secure.

    Tony Bradley | 10 Oct | Read more

  • Apple Pay could put an end to data breaches

    The retail data-breach epidemic highlighted by Target now has other famous victims, including UPS, Home Depot, and Dairy Queen. If you've used a credit card sometime in the past year or two, there's a very good chance your information has been compromised or exposed by at least one of these data breaches. If you use Apple's new Apple Pay system, though, such worries just might be behind you.

    Tony Bradley | 12 Sep | Read more

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