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  • The 5 most important hacks of the last five years

    ​You would get very little argument from anyone that the security threat landscape has changed significantly since the start of this decade. Mega-breaches, ransomware, nation-state threat actors, insider leaks – all of these have moved the goal posts a long way from where they were just a few short years ago.

    Anthony Caruana | 19 Oct | Read more

  • Decoding threat intelligence

    There is a scene in HBO's adaption of Game of Thrones where a character counsels the king to dismiss the rising power of one of his rivals because "curiosities on the far side of the world" are no threat. A season later, that rival has three dragons and an army under her control.

    Jason Clark | 25 Jun | Read more

  • Cisco dealing with change in the threat landscape

    We've all heard the same story recently – malware developers and distributors are becoming far smarter and commercially minded than ever before. The days of disgruntled teenagers hacking from their dimly lit bedrooms are behind us with corporatised criminal gangs now working as organized syndicates intent on stealing identities and extorting money.

    Anthony Caruana | 24 Mar | Read more

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