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  • Webroot SecureAnywhere Brings Protection to the Cloud

    Computer and data security is becoming a much more complex issue to manage for many businesses and consumers. Webroot hopes to simplify it, and make sure you are protected no matter what device or platform you might be using with the <a href="">launch of SecureAnywhere</a>.

    Tony Bradley | 05 Oct | Read more

  • McAfee Delivers Comprehensive Protection for Mobile Devices

    Just when you were starting to get ahead of the curve when it comes to locking down the network and protecting PCs, everything went mobile. Not just laptops--but tablets, and smartphones that run unique operating systems and applications on completely different hardware. To help you combat the dramatic <a href="">rise in mobile security threats</a>, McAfee has developed <a href="">Enterprise Mobility Management</a>.

    Tony Bradley | 21 Sep | Read more

  • Report: Spam is at a two-year high

    Spam - particularly the kind with malicious attachments - is exploding, reaching a two-year high overall, which includes the spike last fall just before the SpamIt operation folded its doors, a security firm says.

    Tim Greene | 18 Aug | Read more

  • Mobile Apps Fail Big Time at Security, Study Says

    A study from digital security company viaForensics paints a stark picture of the vulnerability of <a href="">smartphone</a> user data. viaForensics evaluated 100 popular consumer apps running on Android and iOS, and found that 76 percent store usernames, while 10 percent store passwords as plain text. Those 10 percent included popular sites such as LinkedIn, Skype, and Hushmail.

    Ilie Mitaru | 12 Aug | Read more

  • Google Voice Spam Filter Blocks Unwanted Calls

    A new feature from Google for Google Voice takes the power of the "Report Spam" button and multiplies it exponentially. Google is applying the collected data from thousands of <a href="">Google Voice users</a> to automatically identify telemarketers and other unwanted calls and send them directly into the spam folder.

    Tony Bradley | 14 Jul | Read more

  • Patch Tuesday Fixes Critical Bluetooth Flaw in Windows 7

    Patch Tuesday has arrived. As expected, Microsoft released a relatively <a href="">small number of patches for July</a>, but that is no reason for IT admins to let their guard down--especially when one of the patches is a <a href="">Critical update for Windows 7</a> and Windows Vista.

    Tony Bradley | 13 Jul | Read more

  • Symantec Uncovers Android Apps Security Threat

    Android has quickly climbed to the top of the mobile OS mountain, and it owes much of its success to being a more open platform than rivals like iOS. However, that openness is a double-edged sword that also <a href="">exposes Android to potential risk</a>--like the <a href="">Android Class Loading Hijacking</a> threat discovered by Symantec.

    Tony Bradley | 01 Jul | Read more

  • Malware spikes, spam plummets, says report

    It has been the busiest quarter on record for malware according to a new report from McAfee. The McAfee Threats Report: First Quarter 2011 claims six million unique malware samples were recorded during the first quarter of 2011, and also points out that spam traffic is down, and mobile malware threats are on the rise.

    Tony Bradley | 02 Jun | Read more