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  • Here’s why iSelect chose to outsource its security – and why it has never looked back

    As a company that has no physical channels to serve customers, insurance-comparison giant iSelect has been heavily reliant on its contact centre and online presence since its inception nearly two decades ago. But with customer demand booming, the business expanding and its high profile attracting unwanted attention from online cybercriminals, the company began a two-year overhaul of its information-security environment to ensure it had a flexible could ensure the security and integrity of its core technology well into the future.

    David Braue | 30 Nov | Read more

  • The week in security: Data retention looms, Superfish gutted

    Are your staff suitably trained to detect and ignore phishing spam? If not, you may want to revisit your policies: in the latest security embarrassment, banks in 30 countries have been systematically deprived of more than $US1 billion by cybercriminals due to what many are attributing to poor staff training around the handling of malware threats. Indeed, despite billions spent on security tools one study found that researchers were able to garner sensitive information in 88 percent of attempts just by using their eyes.

    David Braue | 24 Feb | Read more

  • The week in security: AusCERT 2013 dominates Cyber Security Awareness Week

    The AusCERT 2013 security conference, which coincides with the government-sponsored <a href="">National Cyber Security Awareness Week (NCSAW)</a>, dominated the news during the week, and the CSO Australia team was there in full force to hear the latest from industry experts from across Australia around the world.

    David Braue | 27 May | Read more