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  • ​How Aussies Can Protect Their Financial Records on the Internet

    The virtual world is full dangers lurking at every corner. You may never know when someone hacks into your device, online accounts, computer, etc. Most internet users – especially Aussies – believe they won’t ever fall victim to cyber-crime. However, they are sadly mistaken. Don’t wait until you become a victim. Instead, be proactive and take the required measures to protect your online privacy and financial transactions. Here are some ways to protect yourself from hackers and third-party agencies.

    Anas Baig | 15 May | Read more

  • The week in security: Aussie shoppers exposed as Christmas nears

    The Christmas season is ramping up but Australian shoppers risk being victimised by scammers, new figures suggest, with many still unable to pick out phishing emails and unaware that their home Wi-Fi network can be compromised. This is a concern for anyone shopping online: with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales being buried in a mass of scams, malware, and even fake Wi-Fi, it’s harder than ever for online shoppers to go about their business untouched.

    David Braue | 28 Nov | Read more