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  • Penetration Testing

    This is a real issue, and not just one for the well publicised attacks on major corporations such as Sony, Lockheed, Google, and Citi. It affects every business and organisation, large and small. More worrying still, it is now widely suggested that hackers and espionage organisations are moving away from directly attacking their target company, choosing instead to route their attack through suppliers to their target. Thus, even small and seemingly innocuous “third party” businesses who would not consider themselves as potential targets are now on the front line of this cyber war.

    Malcolm Higgins | 13 Jul | Read more

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  • Preparing For The New OWASP Top 10 and Beyond

    There’s a reason why web application firewalls have been getting so much attention lately. It’s the same reason we keep hearing about major security and data breaches left, right, and centre. Web application security is difficult—very difficult. Fortunately, there are options.