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  • Today's Approach to Security is Broken

    Over the last month I've attended four international events that have had a focus on security. And there's one data point that ought to have every CSO, CISO and CIO out there worried. Despite more money than ever being spent on security – and the amount is increasing – the amount of money being lost as a result of security breaches is rising at an even greater rate.

    Anthony Caruana | 17 Apr | Read more

  • Security Operations the Final Frontier

    Operations Shady RAT, Operation Aurora, Operation Night Dragon sounds like names out of a WikiLeaks memo or even more a Hollywood action blockbuster. Sadly not, these are the three names that have done the rounds in the last 2 – 3 years where information security defenses of organizations were not only breached but data assets were stolen for sure.

    Puneet Kukreja | 31 Aug | Read more

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  • Considering a cloud based security solution?

    This paper is based on conversations had at an IDC roundtable with key IT decision makers from various industries and the issues they are facing with security to their business infrastructure and how cloud-based security solutions fit into this picture. •This paper also touches upon some best practices when it comes to securing an organisations IT infrastructure •Fewer and fewer attacks are straightforward in nature; a silver bullet to this problem unfortunately has yet to be developed •Signature-based solutions are no longer solely effective against these sophisticated attacks