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  • iPhone security: not beefy enough for businesses?

    The iPhone has evolved from a casual smart phone into one with the potential to serve businesses across the globe. Its latest iteration, the <a href="http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/product/116744/review/iphone_3gs.html">iPhone 3GS</a>, comes packaged with an encryption feature supposedly perfect for sensitive information stored on the device.

    Brendon Slattery | 25 Jul | Read more

  • iPhone 3GS is jailbreakable. Does it matter?

    The hack masters at the iPhone Dev Team earlier today announced the iPhone 3GS is officially jailbreakable. The news comes less than a week after Apple released the latest iteration of its wonder gadget featuring new toys like video capability and a digital compass. The Dev Team said that while the iPhone 3GS jailbreak poses some extra technical difficulties, the new phone is susceptible to the same jailbreak and unlock techniques used on earlier iPhone models.

    Ian Paul | 27 Jun | Read more