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  • Novell, CA push to secure identity, security in cloud

    Two major identity management companies are forging ahead with products designed to satisfy what a cloud-computing consortium calls one of the trickiest problems preventing secure and automated connections between internal IT infrastructures and external service providers: identity and authentication.

    Kevin Fogarty | 07 Aug | Read more

  • Tools to identify anonymous users online

    After posting 5 Free Ways to Track Online Leaks of Information, I received numerous requests asking how to identify the online source leaking the confidential company information. Here are some techniques a corporate investigator can use to identify anonymous users online.

    Brandon Gregg | 07 Jul | Read more

  • Your Identity: 'Costanza Style'

    Your identity is like George Costanza's wallet. Really. Think about it. Do you remember the classic Seinfeld episode? The one where George wouldn't give up his ever-expanding wallet filled with store credit cards, Irish money, a coupon for an Orlando Exxon gas station and several Sweet and Low packets. This, in spite of the obvious physical pain it caused and the security threat all of that imposed.

    David Miller | 11 Feb | Read more