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  • The week in security: CSOs want security-negligent CEOs jailed; Black Hat FUD returns

    Australian CSOs blame CEOs and not users for problems in IT security, according to a new survey that also showed support for jailing executives whose failure to prioritise cybersecurity leads to a breach. Yet we need a broader approach to cybersecurity skills development all around to protect our economic future, Cisco Systems has argued in a response to the first-ever Australian Government Cyber Security Review. Skills deficits were even hitting high-level cybersecurity research organisations as companies continue to snap up anyone who can spell APT.

    David Braue | 10 Aug | Read more

  • ICANN Website Security Breached

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has issued a warning to those who registered with its public website that their profile accounts were accessed by an "unauthorized person". ICANN states that the usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords to people's profile accounts have been compromised in the last week. Profile accounts on the ICANN website can contain "user preferences for the website, public bios, interests, newsletter subscriptions, etc"

    Brian Honan | 07 Aug | Read more

  • Africa needs better online security, experts say

    Building trust online remains a big hurdle to fully taking advantage of the Internet in Africa, and at the Africa Domain Name System Forum meeting in Nairobi earlier this month, experts called for more rapid implementation of security mechanisms on the central elements of the Internet infrastructure and recommended the use of DNS security (DNSSEC) extensions to counter the issue.

    Vince Matinde | 23 Jul | Read more

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