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  • The week in security: Security skills squeezed as human soft spot persists

    The importance of the human element in information security is sometimes lost amongst all the discussion about new technologies, but the usage of insecure email services by former US secretary of state Hilary Clinton has brought the issue into fine focus after it was revealed that her email remained unencrypted and unauthenticated for three months. Indeed, despite years of user education experts continue to warn that the 'human firewall' is continuing to suffer from significant weaknesses.

    David Braue | 17 Mar | Read more

  • Mobile Malware and Cyber Warfare

    Security analysts have been predicting the emergence of mobile malware for many years. In 2011, the criminals have finally come through by attacking Google's popular Android OS. Meanwhile, the sophistication of Stuxnet — anasty piece of code that infected a nuclear power facility — has alarmed researchers who believegovernments are stockpiling tools for cyberwar. Looking ahead, it seems a cataclysmic Cloud failure is just around the corner.

    CSO staff | 14 Jun | Read more

  • AusCERT 2011: Eugene Kaspersky calls for Internet Interpol

    With cybercrime now the second largest criminal activity in the world, measures such as the creation of an 'Internet Interpol' and better cooperation between international law enforcement agencies are needed if criminals are to be curtailed in the future, Kaspersky Labs founder and security expert, Eugene Kaspersky, has argued.

    Hamish Barwick | 17 May | Read more