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  • The cybercrime economy personified

    While the Center for Strategic & International Studies and McAfee estimated the annual cost to the global economy from cybercrime at $375 billion conservatively and $575 billion maximally as of June 2014, at least one expert stands by cost figures that are many times those numbers.

    David Geer | 05 Mar | Read more

  • Kicking the stool out from under the cybercrime economy

    Put simply, cybercrime, especially financial malware, has the potential to be quite the lucrative affair. That's only because the bad guys have the tools to make their work quick and easy, though. Cripple the automated processes presented by certain malware platforms, and suddenly the threats -- and the losses --aren't quite so serious.

    Grant Hatchimonji | 20 Aug | Read more

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  • DDoS attacks against global markets

    Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can degrade an organisation's online presence and restrict the availability of its services. This white paper addresses the use of DDoS attacks as a mechanism for damaging the financial industry and interfering with financial markets. •A rising number of attacks have been targeting the financial industry, and governments are considering the national security implications •The public image of a financial service firm is intricately associated with its cyber presence •This paper demonstrates a widespread pattern of DDoS attacks and identifies the effects on valuations and financial exchanges