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  • InfoSec is people

    Most information security and data protection events have a strong technology focus. After all, for the last decade or so, the rising tide of cybercrime has been largely seen as a technical arms race.

    Anthony Caruana | 05 Sep | Read more

  • Poking the bear – when you provoke hackers

    After losing his job in a reshuffle, “recovering” journalist Brian Krebs has forged a reputation as one of the world’s foremost information security reporters. While he has broken a number of major security stories, including the Target breach, there are times when things get a little precarious.

    Anthony Caruana | 02 Jun | Read more

  • How not to do security

    Opening the Check Point Cybersecurity Symposium, Kellman Meghu, Head of Security Architects at Check Point Software, started the event with a series of warnings from popular DVDs and movies - you know the ones - messages telling you “Piracy is Bad”.

    Anthony Caruana | 02 Jun | Read more