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  • The next world war will be cyber – and it has already begun

    The government's recent $230m commitment to build Australia's national cybersecurity defence was welcomed by industry and notable for many reasons, but observers were quick to point out that the new Cyber Security Strategy (CSS) marked the first time the government had publicly stated that it was ready to go on the offensive against hackers.

    David Braue | 02 Jun | Read more

  • BoM hack raises spectre of nation-state attacks on Australian targets

    The information-security preparedness of Australia's government authorities was being called into question as Chinese authorities recently moved to distance themselves from reports that the hack of the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), which the ABC reported as a “massive” breach based on statements from an unnamed source, was the work of Chinese government-sponsored hackers.

    David Braue | 08 Dec | Read more