In Pictures: Scenes from RSA Conference and BSidesSF 2013

A look at the sights and sounds of the world's biggest annual information security event.

  • Information security overtakes San Francisco This week, San Francisco is hopping with activity as information security practitioners from around the globe meet for the annual RSA Conference and BSidesSF. Here are a few scenes.

  • T-shirt politics Attendees are often overwhelmed by the bling at RSA, including the so-called booth babes, race cars and motor cycles. Inevitably, some turn to wearing their opinions on the chest.

  • No soup for you! At the Veracode booth, attendees can have their picture taken with Larry Thomas, the actor best known for his portrayal as the angry chef in "The Soup Nazi" -- a Seinfeld episode from 1995.

  • Soup to nuts So what's the deal with Veracode's soup theme? It all revolves around what the company calls Software of Unknown Pedigree (S.O.U.P.), which it says can lead to customer data loss, gaps in defense against hackers, and corporate intellectual property theft.

  • Meanwhile, over at SBidesSF... BSidesSF was held at the DNA Lounge, and while some enjoyed the anti-conference vibe the event is known for, others discussed what B-Sides should look like five years from now, including the possibility of more traditional venues. In one of the event's more dramatic moments, Violet Blue's talk was canceled after a complaint about the sexual aspect of it.

  • This is EFF Digital rights defender Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) always has a high-profile presence at B-Sides events around the country, and BSidesSF was no exception.

  • A literal vendor booth Given the tight quarters at the DNA Lounge, vendors at BSidesSF set up shop in the booth seating areas.

  • The first talk The first presentation at BSidesSF Sunday morning, given by PhishMe CEO Rohyt Belani (@PhishMe) and Brandon Dunlap (@EnergySec), managing director of research at Brightfly, was about SCADA vulnerabilities, "Imminent" Phishing Attacks and the U.S. Cyber Strategy.

  • Bearded security Jack Daniel, one of the main organizers and co-founder of Security B-Sides.

  • The Force is with them Among the characters to be found on the showroom floor: Darth Vader, Princess Leia and an Imperial stormtrooper.

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