In Pictures: 4 security suites that protect all your devices

Security suites from McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro and Webroot offer protection for all your devices along with Web-based management.

  • McAfee All Access: Web McAfee's Web dashboard is a central location from which you can see what modules you have installed and install them on any device.

  • McAfee All Access: Windows McAfee All Access presents its Windows tools in a neat, compact interface that makes it simple for you to see at a glance what tools you're currently using and to turn any on or off.

  • McAfee All Access: OS X For Mac users, McAfee offers a straightforward malware scanner that scans your Mac for threats. The software includes real-time scanning, spyware scanning, and a firewall.

  • McAfee All Access: Android McAfee's Android app offers a malware scanner; you can also locate a lost or stolen device and lock it or wipe its data from any Web browser.

  • Norton One: Web Norton's Web dashboard can only be used for installing and uninstalling software, and for checking what software is installed on your various devices.

  • Norton One: Windows Norton One offers an excellent security suite for Windows that includes, besides all the usual security tools, extras for juicing up system performance, backing up files and identity protection.

  • Norton One: OS X Norton Internet Security for the Mac (which works with OS X Lion or later) offers a full suite of security software, but idoesn't include most of the extras in the Windows version, such as system performance tools and System Insight.

  • Norton One: Android Norton One's Android security software, Norton Mobile Security, protects Android devices against a wide variety of threats. It also has an anti-theft feature and a set of tools for blocking spam phone calls and text messages.

  • Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security: Web From your Trend Micro account on the Web, you'll be able to see what software is installed on each device and install the software on other devices.

  • Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security: Windows Trend Micro packs just about every security-related tool into it you can imagine and then some, including parental controls, a firewall, a tool to protect files from being erased, another that password-protects folders and a system tune-up tool.

  • Trend Micro Titanium Maximum: OS X Trend Micro's Smart Surfing for Mac lacks a firewall, but does offer simple-to-use, basic protection, including a malware scanner and protection against phishing and malicious software found on websites.

  • Trend Micro Titanium Maximum: Android Trend Micro's free Android app scans apps for malware; its premium version, included with the suite, adds the ability to locate a lost device, wipe it remotely and make it "scream." The app can also block specific websites, phone calls and text messages.

  • Trend Micro Titanium Maximum: iOS The iOS portion of the suite (called Smart Surfing, like the OS X module) is a secure browser that protects against malicious websites. To get that benefit, users must do all their Web surfing via the Trend Micro app on their iPhone.

  • Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete: Web The Webroot Web-based dashboard is truly useful. For each device, it shows you the state of its security, including past history; for mobile devices, it includes the phone number, the manufacturer and OS version. You can also use the dashboard to locate a missing device, remotely lock it, wipe it or make it "scream."

  • Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete: Windows Webroot's Windows security offers malware scanning and real-time protection, including a firewall and the ability to check any system modifications. Also included are privacy tools and a useful feature that cleans your Registry and deletes duplicate and unnecessary files.

  • Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete: Android Webroot's comprehensive Android app includes not only malware scanning and a variety of security features, but it has an App Inspector lists any apps that might present a security concern based on the access it has to your data and the kinds of network connections it makes. The Inspector also shows you which apps use the most battery power.

  • Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete: iOS Webroot's iOS protection, called SecureWeb, protects your iOS device from dangers while you surf. It's a tabbed Web browser that identifies malicious Web sites and phishing sites, so that you avoid visiting them.

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