CISO Leaders interviewed by David Gee

David is a well known Transformation & Digital CIO, he consults as an Advisor in Financial Services.

He is also in the innovation ecosystem as an Advisor to Sapien Ventures, Tyro Fintech Hub, Venturetec Accelerator and for a number of startups.

David is a popular writer for a number of IT publications including CIO, Computerworld and CSO Magazine.

  • John Taylor

    ​Company Boards are becoming more cyber security savvy

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  • Amar Singh

    My Advice to Prime Minister Mr Turnbull

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  • ZScaler

    Michael Sutton

    The changing role of a the CISO

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  • Ramsay Health

    John Sutherland

    Effective management of information security risk is a classic example of the interplay between people, process and technology.

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  • Thales Asia Pacific

    Ben Doyle

    Board meetings actually become one of the meetings I look forward to

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  • University of London

    Professor Paul Dorey

    CISO must act as a translator between technology, security jargon and business risks.

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  • Open Colleges

    Trevor McDougall

    3 ways we keep the executive & board versed on Cyber Security

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  • Venafi

    Tammy Moskites

    “Storing certificate information on Blockchain Technology is another way to thwart hackers”

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  • Deloitte

    James Nunn Price

    The most vulnerable crisis areas for board members were reputation & cyber-crime

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  • Bluescope

    David Johnston

    Open source SOC project has been a great experience

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  • Jones Lang Lasalle

    Richard Jones

    Cyber Insurance is a crutch; the best insurance is staff education

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  • BDO

    Leon Fouche

    ​7 Questions to ask your CFO to get more Cyber Security Investment

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  • Bank of Queensland

    Georgina Crundell

    “At least 50% of my week goes into thinking about the future ”

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  • Deakin University

    Sanjay Verma

    “Innovation in Cyber Security is not just about thinking outside the box, it is also redefining the box.”

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  • ME

    Samantha Macleod

    ​​“Agile projects are collaborative at inception, with inclusion of Architects”

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  • QBE

    Claude Mandy

    “The Internet of Things & Smart devices are likely to accelerate the evolution"

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  • Atlantis Healthcare

    Vladimir Petranovic

    ​“create your long, medium and short term plans and then you work on them.”

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  • International SOS

    Manoj Tewari

    "The most difficult part of the job is to stay on top of advanced threats, remediation and persuade other teams to remediate"

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  • WA Police

    Hai Tran

    "With government moving to cloud services ……understanding the security capabilities is important"

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  • IAG

    Jeff Jacobs

    "Exploring ways to build security into DevOps to ensure new digital services are ‘secure by design"

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  • Virgin Australia

    Silas Barnes

    ​“There's not yet any evidence that remote control access of an aircrafts' avionics system via an in-flight wifi network is possible”

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  • Foxtel

    Kevin Shaw

    "Incident response plans are ‘war gamed’, and are done so on a regular basis"

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  • Wynyard Group

    Michael Wallmannsberger

    "Cost-effective security is only arrived at through careful and elegant design"

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  • Australia Post

    Troy Braban

    "Our approach when recruiting is based on culture, leadership and communications first"

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