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How VPN Usage can help elevate cybersecurity in a workplace

A VPN is the perfect tool to secure all communication taking place between an organization’s network or servers and its users.

Cybersecurity is an important concern for businesses today. Small, medium and large business all need to secure their sensitive data. Businesses and companies need to safeguard sensitive information such as customer details and financial data. Weak cybersecurity leads to cyber attacks which can compromise sensitive information and lead to financial losses, lawsuits, loss of business and more.

This is why it is important for a business to have a solid cybersecurity strategy in place. A good cybersecurity strategy takes a holistic approach and seeks to protect all aspects of the cyberspace as it pertains to an organization.

This means safeguarding the workplace users of the organization’s network, protecting the remote users as well as all relevant communication.

A VPN is the perfect tool to secure all communication taking place between an organization’s network or servers and its users. It is particularly useful as the modern organizational workplace includes not just in-house users but also remotely based employees.

The following are some of the key benefits a VPN offers for the workplace cybersecurity of businesses of all size.

Secure Remote Access

A lot of work today is done remotely, away from the office. A major problem with remote work is the security of communications. When employees are directly connected to a company network, it is easier to ensure cybersecurity. But when they access company network from a remote location and send emails from their home or from a public Wi-Fi, this creates a serious cybersecurity threat.

A VPN offers an excellent solution to this problem. It automatically encrypts all traffic between the employee and the company network. This means that the employee is able to send and receive data securely if he or she is using a VPN.

IP Address Masking

Your company’s IP addresses can be tracked by hackers and other malicious actors. By tracking the activity on the IP addresses, these persons can plan and execute hacking attempts. A VPN helps you prevent this by masking your original IP addresses.

The VPN server assigns you a new IP address and allows you to conduct sensitive transactions without any prying eyes. The great thing about a VPN’s masking abilities is that it assigns you a new IP address every time you launch the VPN. So no one is able to track your online activity using the IP address.

Access to Anonymity

Anonymity is important for many businesses, business customers and users of an organization’s network. This may be for various reasons and many businesses may gain an edge over their competition by offering anonymity to their online users.

A VPN enables organizations to ensure such anonymity at an affordable price. A good VPN masks the location, IP address and other details of the users. This is particularly useful for instances when a user has to conduct sensitive transactions online.

Secure Cloud Access

Businesses today increasingly rely on cloud-based services for productivity and efficiency. Employees frequently use cloud-based apps for their everyday tasks. While cloud has obvious benefits, the downside is that it poses a cybersecurity hazard. Hackers can exploit cloud access of your company to conduct data breaches and steal sensitive information.

For this reason, it is important to have sound cloud security measures in place. A VPN offers the perfect solution by encrypting all communication between users and the cloud. For an organization, this means that all communication between the employees and the cloud-based assets is fully encrypted and secured from any malicious intruders. A VPN is a practical and handy way of securing cloud access.

Affordable Cyber Security

For many businesses, investing in hefty data security solutions is simply impractical because they don’t have the budget for it. Even for larger businesses, securing all their employees or users can cost a tidy sum.

VPNs offer a quick, convenient and incredibly affordable solution to this problem. VPNs offer a comprehensive security at a cost of less than $10 per month per user. At this affordable sum, all communication between a user and business is fully protected and secured.

This rather small investment is definitely worth it, considering the long-term costs of poor cybersecurity such as the loss of reputation, loss of customers and legal action.

Network Scalability

If an organization has its own private network, this network needs to be scaled as the organization grows in size. The costs associated with scaling a private network are considerable.

In contrast, a VPN allows an organization to establish a private network at the fraction of the cost. Organizations can also add new users, connect new locations and scale such a network in real-time as and when required.

Ease of installation and setup

Sometimes, cybersecurity measures fail simply because they are too complicated. Network users simply ignore them instead of undergoing the hassle of implementing them. Even the online customers and users of a service will typically overlook such measures instead of taking the time to follow them.

A VPN takes the hassle out of cybersecurity. The VPN provider is responsible for the infrastructure, such as the servers required for routing the traffic. All a user has to do is install the VPN and then let it take from there.

The sheer ease and convenience of setting up VPNs and using them for a workplace makes them an excellent cybersecurity measure. If you are looking for a quick, easy and affordable method of improving workplace cybersecurity of your organization, the answer is VPN.

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