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APJ businesses think they will be breached: Here's why

In the last few years, security practitioners have become quite vocal over their belief that the perimeter is dead. You need not look very far to see the evidence of this: Breaches hit the headlines on a weekly basis, and more and more vendors are switching their tag lines from impervious defence towards faster detection and response.

‚ÄčEnd point protection: Why you should expect more

The old model of security was simple: Install an anti-virus solution and your only obligations were to keep it patched and the signatures up to date. If a threat was detected on your network, remediation wasn't much more complicated than quarantining data and restoring from a backup.

‚ÄčThe great Australian IT security spend: More brawn than brains?

A recent IDC FutureScape report examining the implications of IT security in AP claims Australia is the most spendthrift nation, even up against China, when it comes to spending on IT security. Most of this spend goes into security software, as one might expect as security appliances become virtualised and cloud services mature, yet Australia still had more than its fair share of high-profile attacks.