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business nbn™

Australia is a nation of growing businesses. This growth is being accelerated thanks to the rollout of the nbn™ broadband access network, which provides the platform via retail providers for a range of advanced services, applications and technologies that are changing the way Australians do business. The transition to the nbn™ access network represents a very significant opportunity for the ICT industry, and will allow ICT consultants to help business make the most of the opportunities that access to fast broadband enables.

A new wholesale high speed Ethernet option to help facilitate cloud innovation for nbn™ service providers and their customers

Most of the discussion about the nbn™ access network rollout may have been focused on the residential network, but the enhanced focus on business products and services were taken to a new level with the launch of business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet services. The wholesale product and service features within business nbn™ have the potential to disrupt the market with business-focused services that help empower service providers to engage with enterprise customers in completely new ways.