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The new feature of the Gmail iPhone app is set to provide more security to users. It is indeed an important feature that is now available.

iPhone apps have dominated the business world for years now. To strengthen security and avoid hacking of important information of a business, the iPhone app in Gmail now has a new feature. It’s now available to warn about potential phishing attacks upon clicking on a shady link. If a user clicks on a link that Google could deem suspicious, there is a warning asking the user if he/she is sure to proceed. Moreover, the app could warn of a site or link being malicious, it may have been identified as a forger that tricks one into disclosing personal, financial and other sensitive information. Previously, Google added a similar feature to the Android app of Gmail back in May, but this is the first time that it is making its way to the iOS application. The company states that the new feature is rolling out to the Apple apps of Gmail now but it would take about a couple of weeks before it becomes available everywhere.

Gmail for iPhone

Gmail is the web-based email service of Google famed for its stars, anti-spam capabilities and labels. It is accessible on the Mac via any modern browser, which include Chrome and Safari. Although the mobile version of Gmail is available also through Safari on iPad and iPhone, Google provides a universal, native Apple iPhone apps as well. 

Gmail for iPhone and iPad offers support for up to five accounts, push notifications and others. People who are using Google Apps could sign into the Gmail application the same way they would on the web. The Gmail app’s search features is not only quick, but provides predictive text as well so it could guess what one is looking for before they are even through typing the query.

Some may argue that while the Google Mail app is designed well, it wastes plenty of space because it lays emails out in a format that is chat-like. Whichever way, as the app was designed around the service of Google mail itself, it is a wonderful option for those who use only Google mail. 

If one uses other Google applications for iOS, most of them could even work easily with the Gmail application the same way they do on Google+ and Chrome. For users who have numerous accounts with several email services, the Gmail application obviously could not tie them in this may not be the best solution for them. For instance, for a user who has an iCloud email address as well as a Gmail address, the Gmail app for the iPad and iPhone probably makes more sense. For that, the in-built mail application or a third-party application such as Mailbox would be a better choice.

The On-Going Security Feature

Gmail, the web giant said that the security feature is gradually issued to people using the Gmail application on their iPhones or iPads and should be working for all by the end of August. Phishing emails could appear like official correspondence coming from an online service that people use. Or, it could even masquerade as a message from a co -worker or a friend and even could contain a link that could cause a user to unwittingly divulge log-in credentials or other information that is of value to scammers, or install malware on their computer device, which could lead to a myriad of headaches. 

While many phishing emails are easy to see, find dire spelling and other sloppy mistakes while trying to imitate business, these attacks have become slicker and much sophisticated recently, leaving a lot of web users reliant on security measures that are built into the software, like Gmail to flag up possible dangerous emails.

The IOS Sync

The new tool is called iOS Sync, beefing up security for the iPhone and iPad. Furthermore, the new iOS tool brings to Apple devices the security features that Google has rolled out in May for Android. It lets IT departments set up a secure corporate network access. Moreover, it would help the information technology departments enforce other security policies, such as making the employees use safer encrypting data, passwords, and even wiping a device remotely and blocking a stole or lost device from accessing documents and emails.

The security policies don’t require a user to download an application. Google Apps administrators could activity the iOS Sync via their Google Apps admin console. Users will be guided to enroll their phones when attempting to access the corporate Gmail or Drive.

With the growing number of hackings done by professional hackers, the web giant Gmail has added an important new security feature for Gmail for iOS applications to strengthen the security features. The security feature is intended to alert an iPhone user accessing Gmail of possible threats in links and websites they try to access. This feature is indeed helpful to protect sensitive data, particularly in the business world.


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