• Thinking about Bimodal IT – the trick to blending legacy and innovation

    Gartner came up with the term “Bimodal IT” to describe the scenario in which the CIO and other tech executives handle the integration of an existing, predictable, tech infrastructure and streams of work with one of a more exploratory, emergent stream of contemporary software, trends and devices, commonly characterised as bring-your-own (BYOD/BYOA etc).

  • We need to talk about Shadow IT

    Close to a decade since the term “shadow IT” was first used, its “dangers” are still being touted by some IT professionals, but it’s a reactionary stance whose time has surely passed.

Daniel Iversen

Daniel Iversen is the Head of Solution Architecture at Dropbox APAC where he leads teams of architects tasked with growing successful large scale client references. He is technologist and senior leader within the SaaS, digital collaboration and web publishing software space. He has been involved with the Internet industry since its early days in the mid 90s, started a couple of small companies and worked for leading software vendors in his space (FatWire, Oracle, Dropbox and more) in different parts of the world. He has been involved in the sale and implementation of leading digital solutions for leading brands like News Corporation, Vodafone, Harvey Norman, Bankwest and many others. Daniel has a strong interest in the online and digital trends and technologies and the way they have transformed the way we collaborate, communicate, do business and live our lives. His experience stretches across pre-sales engineering, management and consulting.