Stories by David Weldon

A deeper look at business impact of a cyberattack

Few would dispute that cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and in intensity, and most organizations confirm they have now suffered at least one cyber incident. But do those organizations have a true sense of the full impact on the organization? After all, the direct costs commonly associated with a data breach are far less significant than the “hidden costs” incurred.

David Weldon | 24 Aug | Read more

Rip and replace can create security issues

When IT leaders think about “rip and replace” efforts, the first thoughts that probably come to mind are about the potentially huge cost and the inevitable disruption to the business. But these massive system replacement efforts also create different security worries for the organization.

David Weldon | 08 Jan | Read more

CSO salaries expected to sky rocket

By many accounts, 2015 was the year of the big data professional, with data scientists even being hailed as the “sexiest job of the year” by one study. But 2016 may emerge as the year of the chief security officer, as another new study reveals that pay for CSOs is rising faster than most every other IT job.

David Weldon | 27 Oct | Read more