Stories by Derek Slater

Home port for security departments?

In June of 2003, we ran a <a href="">long article about organizational structures</a>. We titled it "All Over the Map," which pretty much tells you what we concluded about how security was handled at the time: a bit like a ship with no home port, passing from executive to executive. The article had examples of security variously reporting to Human Resources, Facilities, Operations, Legal, and IT. Responsibility without authority was a theme.

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Dilip Sarangan on Physical Security M&A

Dilip Sarangan tracks physical security companies for Frost & Sullivan. He expects the industry's "need to have" products to weather the economic storm well, with the big players (now including IBM and Cisco) looking for value-priced acquisitions.

Derek Slater | 20 Nov | Read more

INTERVIEW: Fighting Trim

From configuring the hardware to connecting all the stovepipes, security executives need to tune up both for light jabs and roundhouse rights. <I>CSO</I> talks defensive strategy with Bill Boni, CISO of Motorola, and Ira Winkler, chief security strategist for Hewlett-Packard.

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