Stories by Elisabeth Horwitt

The new perimeter

Back in 2008, guarding Motorola's perimeter was a lot simpler than it is today, recalls Paul Carugati, the company's information security architect. "It was OK to just open up [firewall] port 480 [to network traffic], because we knew that everything that ran over it was HTTP," he says.

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Catching up with mobile security threats

Development of enterprise mobile apps has been moving more slowly than development of consumer-facing apps, according to Gartner. One main reason is IT leaders' concerns about the security of mobile devices, which are often employees' personal devices, and are vulnerable to being lost, hacked or stolen. While there are plenty of established tools and practices for keeping Web visitors from straying (or hacking) into sensitive corporate data, managing security across a diverse set of mobile devices remains a challenge, IT experts say.

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