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Security pros name their must-have tools

Secure file sharing is imperative for Lawyers Without Borders, a group that works with volunteer lawyers to advance human rights law in conflict-ridden regions. The nonprofit organization, headquartered in Hartford, Conn., uses Intralinks VIA to protect confidential legal documents and court papers from unsanctioned access.

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Tech's cash kings are sitting on billions

Tech companies are hanging on to record amounts of cash when they could be using it to do more acquisitions, repurchase stock, pay down debt, and pay out dividends. Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Apple and Oracle are among the biggest hoarders. Combined, these five tech companies held $245 billion in cash at the end of March.

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NEWS FOCUS: Inside Cisco global security operations

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- In the ongoing battle against enterprise security threats, Cisco has amassed an army of 500 engineers, researchers and technicians deployed in 11 primary locations worldwide, whose marching orders are to analyze threats and do everything possible to mitigate those threats as quickly as possible.

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