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Security Degustation or a simple Sandwich

In most organisations we are using a combination of waterfall or agile development to deliver new business functionality. Unfortunately it is also true that security is not the first consideration, in fact it is often an after thought.

David Gee | 18 Sep | Read more

Why you should not trust your Digital Certificates

As humans have always used a physical signature as a method to provide a verification of identity. Hence we sign contracts and in the past we used our (John Hancock) signature to access our bank accounts. If I have a signed document, then it is attributed a degree of trust.

David Gee | 26 Aug | Read more

The Perfect Security Setup

For any CSO or CIO, you are charged with protecting the enterprise. That’s a significant responsibility and you know darn well that your reputation indeed your role depends on how well you can manage through the issues that will arise.

David Gee | 17 Aug | Read more

Social Media Engineering

This week at a Big 4 Bank there was a presentation on Cyber Security. The presenter who was an ethical hacker started by saying that he would introduce himself and he rarely does that. In the spirit of that I will leave him unnamed.

David Gee | 07 Aug | Read more

How to explain cyber security to your board

If you're like most, you face a conflicting challenge around security: while there is increased focus on digitalisation of the business, at the same time the threats to the business have not been fully addressed – or even planned for.

David Gee | 02 Jun | Read more

The DARK Web

Recently I started to use alternative search tools such as Duck, Duck Go and my old old favorite Yahoo. Why? Well I just was wary about all the information that is being collected by Google, and just wanted to see what it was like to revert to another tool.

David Gee | 01 Jun | Read more