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Pirate Party finds France fertile territory

Sweden's Pirate Party won 7.13 percent of the vote in elections earlier this month. Its campaign for the respect of privacy, the reform of copyright law and the abolition of the patent system earned it a seat in the European Parliament, and it may yet gain another seat there, if planned changes to the number of seats attributed to each country win approval.

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UK Security Service to send terrorism alerts via e-mail

The U.K. Security Service, responsible for the country's counterterrorism efforts, plans to send out e-mail alerts to citizens warning them of changes to the "national threat level," a measure of the risk of terrorist attacks. It will announce the start date and details of the sign-up process soon, it said Tuesday.

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Security in the spotlight at Cebit

Security will be a major focus this week at the giant Cebit show in Hanover, Germany. This year, the annual IT trade show will hone in on the multiple layers of security threats facing enterprise networks. Now it's not just data networks that are under attack; VoIP and even paper documents are at risk.

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