Stories by John Fontana

Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows PCs get authentication integration

Centeris, which provides cross-platform authentication via Microsoft's Active Directory, Tuesday enhanced its Likewise platform (<a href="">Clear Choice Test of Likewise</a>)Â and an added open source project that will be distributed with the top Linux operating systems.

John Fontana | 06 Dec | Read more

Selling bunker mentality to IT shops

Don and Charlene Zwonitzer know a thing or two about preparing for the unexpected. The knowledge comes from reclaiming a 1960s-era Atlas E Missile Silo and converting it into home sweet home - and eventually, they hope, a modern-day computer disaster-recovery facility.

John Fontana | 23 Feb | Read more

Patching: Process matters

The list of all-too-familiar names - Nachi, Klez, Lovsan, SoBig, BugBear, Swen, Blaster and Yaha - represents only a sampling of the most prevalent worms and viruses that slithered into corporate networks this fall. But they all have one thing in common: Patches were readily available before most damage had been done. So why do these intruders continue to wreak such havoc?

John Fontana | 09 Dec | Read more