Stories by Ira Winkler

Security awareness can be the most cost-effective security measure

I was once called into a multinational oil company which wanted advice on a situation. One of their employees called them, because a coworker was displaying unusual behaviors. An investigation was performed, and it was learned that the coworker was giving information to a Chinese intelligence operative. At another company, an employee stopped a person from tailgating them into a facility and it turns out the tailgater was responsible for stealing more than a dozen laptops from company facilities.

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Mobile payment systems: A disaster waiting to happen

When I saw the Computerworld article about Square touting how it is going to replace cash registers with iPads, I was dismayed that there was no discussion of security. And Square's app isn't the only payment app that makes me anxious. While I admit that I would find applications such as Square Register and Google Wallet useful, turning mobile devices into credit cards or credit processing systems is foolish at this time.

Ira Winkler | 02 Jun | Read more